Important Security Tips:

Do not open e-mails of questionable origin

The e-mail messages and their attachments are often used to spread viruses or provide a doorway for a hacker to access your computer. Delete e-mail messages or content of doubtful origin without reading them. The same applies to files attached. Do not open e-mail with attached files, received from someone who you were not expecting, before checking with the sender, if the content is safe and that the message was actually sent by him.

Protect yourself against viruses

Never download or install on your computer unlicensed applications, or which you dont know the origin or purpose. Verify that the data or software purchased or sent to you, are free of viruses, subjecting them to an antivirus program. Purchase and install a good antivirus program, which detect and remove viruses on your computer.

Do not use public computers to access Publipt

Be particularly careful when using public access computers for Internet access because enhances the exposure of the information consulted, as personal identifiers (codes or passwords) to third parties, and NEVER FORGET TO CLICK "Logout" BEFORE YOU LEAVE A PUBLIC COMPUTER!

Maintain the confidentiality of your personal data

Always keep your access codes reserved. Do not disclose them, even if asked by people who identify themselves as employees of Publipt, do not write them so that they can be accessed by third parties, nor send them by email. Preferably memorize them. If you suspect that someone has stolen your password, immediately contact Publipt,

Change your password regularly

You can change your password in your personal area. By doing so, choose sequences that are not easily reproducible nor associated with you (eg date of birth, phone, etc.).

More security measures

We remember that Publipt never asks for data security or other confidential information via e-mail, telephone or other contact. You should never respond to such requests because it is an attempted fraud. To make sure that you are accessing your account on Publipt you should always go through the address and if you do through links contained in email messages, always check that it is a real Publipt link before clicking through the "status bar" (at the bottom of the browser), and after clicking through the "address bar" (at the top of the browser).
Do not leave documents printed from the printer forgotten anywhere. Destroy and place in the garbage printed documents you do not need.
Clear your cache (temporary files) on your computer, to clear the cache of the computer you should go to "Tools > Internet Options" and select the tab "General".

Finish whenever possible, the Publipt session (Logout)

Never leave your computer keeping a Publipt session active. Always remember to click "Sign Out / Logout". We also advise you to log on, always, before starting to read the emails of Publipt.


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