What is spamming (SPAM)?

Spamming (or SPAM) is to send one (or more) e-mails to someone unknown, or who has not explicitly requested that information, as well as messages in groups news (newsgroups), discussion groups (forums) or Chats, placed out of context that is being treated. Generally spam is inconvenient.

In all cases, spamming is against the philosophy of Publipt, and therefore, in no case, we allow spamming. For this reason, members who send spam will have their accounts canceled.

If you have received some sort of spam from some Publipt member, please let us know here, so we can take the steps that we find convenient. Please enter all the information you can.



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E-mail is the most common and known way of spam. Spammers often use programs that automate or facilitate getting addresses and sending to a large number of recipients.
There are several different methods for a spammer to get a list of addresses. One of the most common is to use malicious programs. Another method, known as a "dictionary attack" is to build a list of names and addresses based on common words.


In the Internet environment, spam is considered misuse and refers to sending a large volume of unsolicited messages, or send messages indiscriminately to multiple users, without their having asked for such information.

Following the terminology, a spam sender is called spammer.



Some tricks used by spammers

"One-time e-mails"
Certain messages will be sent saying it is only once, and that you dont need to worry because you will not be harassed again. It is spam, and it is likely that you receive other copies of the same type of e-mail. "If you have no interest in continuing to receive this type of message, please request its removal from our mailing list by sending e-mail to me remove-from-list @ ...". This is one of the most common devices used currently. Are spams type "remove me". Do not answer! Actually, the answer is to confirm the legitimacy of your email and then possibly be inserted into mailings from spammers around the world!!

"You were referred by a friend..."
Another variation of the "remove me" type......

"According to the law xxxx, this mail can not be considered spam..."
One of the most frequently asked questions about spam was related to this supposed law cited at the end of several emails. There is no law or decree regulating spam in order to enable or allow it!!

"We consulted your home page, and your company was selected to participate..."
This is spam....



Once again we ask you:

If you have received some sort of spam from some Publipt member, please let us know here..

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