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How to earn in the "Earn Rating" area?

First look for the "Earn Rating" link (left menu ate the home page, or the top menu on all pages, opening the "Earning Areas" tab). (View image)
After entering this area, you will see a listing of ads, see what to do:

As the name implies, the objective in this section is to rank, evaluate and / or vote for a company, product or service. You can only be credited once per ad. What you should do is read the individual instructions of each ad, and observe what is intended.

First check the advertiser's business and activity before making the evaluation. You should only evaluate services or products that you know, and therefore you must make a true evaluation. Decontextualized evaluations may suffer penalties.

Once you have completed what is required in each ad, you must use the respective space (window), that is, the box that is just below the advertiser you just visited, to enter the requested confirmation; and then just click the button below.


- If you return to insert the text, and the ad has already disappeared, save the text and come back later to insert it.
- If you are not credited in 5 business days, return to this page, and confirm again.
- You should only rate freely.
- Credit in this area is not immediate. All tasks will be checked one by one.
- You only get 1 credit once per advertiser.
- Members who enter only the email address, invalid data, abuse, or attempt to deceive, use the forms to send messages to Publipt, or to insert any content other than confirmation of the task, may suffer penalties, ultimately, have their accounts canceled. Do not insert duplicate proofs. Duplicate submissions will be removed and may incur penalties. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS AREA! Respect our sponsors and other members!

Ganhe por Avaliar
O objetivo nesta secção é classificar, avaliar e/ou votar numa empresa, produto ou serviço.

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  • How to earn in the "Earn Rating" area?

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