What is Publipt?

Publipt is a Portuguese online advertising company which is basically divided into two parts:

1 - MEMBERS: They are people, from all over the world, who are registered in our system, in order to receive ads and being rewarded precisely for reading and viewing these same ads (through a percentage of what our company receives from advertisers). Simply put, the member (subscriber) joins and then, only have to read the ads we provide, thus accumulating earnings.

2 - ADVERTISERS: Are companies that pay to advertise with us, making sure that their ads or products will be viewed by subscribers.

An advertiser may also be a member (and use the earnings to advertise for free); and a member can also be an advertiser, this is because all statistics, either from ads or earnings, are summed up in a single account.

The goal is simple: To ensure audience and potential customers for our advertisers and products, we distribute a small percentage of profit for our members..


Publipt Is NOT a pyramid company.



After I register, what should I do?



It is very easy, if you are starting and do not know what to do, the better it will be to read carefully our support area and also our TERMS, then browse a bit your personal member area to get to know the various sections, including those that allow you to earn! To start earning, in each of these sections, click on the ads and/or follow the instructions listed. As for the emails, just open them, read the announcement and click on the link that is always shown on each email. By clicking this link, follow the instructions.



It is also very simple: if you want to be one of our advertisers, you just need to signup for free, and then choose which option best fits your advertising campaign. We recommend you start by reading our dossier about our marketing platform, and then meet our price list anda also our promotional packs. If you have active ads, you can follow all the statistics in your personal area, using the menu "My Ads". If you have questions, need advice or to personalize your advertising campaign, or to choose the package that best fits it, contact us.

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