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(from 2005)

Publipt is a pioneer in the concept of Internet advertising, offering the best products and tools, at the best market prices. Guaranteed! since 2005

Global and democratic


For Publipt, all customers are important.


You can advertise from any corner of the world, no matter the social class; or if you are a multinational or a small business.


With Publipt, you can advertise almost any type of website, product, brand, service, event, classified (purchases, sales, employment), etc, using various ad types available. Our participants are people who have demonstrated interest in being informed of the launch of new products, brands, services, and / or to meet the existing ones. Therein lies the success of our campaigns.


Economic and affordable

Since 2005 that we offer the best price/quality/result relation. You can compare at will, and see that it is true.


Simple, easy and intuitive


We do not know the word "complicated". In Publipt, advertising is intuitive, because anyone can create an ad, regardless of their few or many computer skills; It is simple and easy, and quick, because we reduce it to the minimum essential to having your online ads without delays or complications. Moreover, we still have a help/support area so you can make any questions that still persists.


Reliable and qualified


The name "Publipt" has earned the respect of the big brands, companies and marketing gurus, as well as all ordinary people, a long time ago, because of the way we work, and the many years that we are online in the market. We have customers who arrived today, but we have many who have been with us since 2005.


Secure and respecting the law and privacy


In all these years (since 2005), Publipt never had any security breach, or problem with the privacy of its members and clients. Here, we ensure above all, that all your payments and data are confidential and 100% safe.


Transparent and honest


It is probably our biggest lemma and concern; being transparent and honest. Publipt is what our reputation has proven; made up of people of good faith, honorable, and honest, and working in a friendly and cordial manner.



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