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(from 2005)

Publipt is a pioneer in the concept of Internet advertising, offering the best products and tools, at the best market prices. Guaranteed! since 2005

With Publipt, you can advertise almost any type of website, product, brand, service, event, classified (purchases, sales, employment), etc, using various ad types available. Our participants are people who have demonstrated interest in being informed of the launch of new products, brands, services, and / or to meet the existing ones. Therein lies the success of our campaigns.

Specialized in email advertising ("Email marketing"), since 2005 obtaining excellent results, with a data base confirmed and active.

Comparison with other platforms

 Publipt Television Radio Newspaper/Magazine Flyer Outdoor
Production of campaign / ad with no additional cost
Tracking campaign statistics in real time
Possibility of the client be redirected straight to your website / product
Possibility of paying only for the visits your site receives
Ad possible for people with hearing problems
Ad possible for blind people
Possibility of knowing if your customer has come through the campaign
The client can save the announcement for later viewing
Affordable to any advertiser
Possibility for the client to contact advertiser, without costs, and instantly
Speed in launching the advertising campaign (within 48 hours)

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The customer does not go to you?


Go meet the customer!!


Traditional advertising is "old-fashioned" and requires large investments to get some feedback ...


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The future of advertising


Internet advertising is the advertising of the future, bringing numerous advantages!


Statistics prove that more people are increasingly using the internet, and not just the younger...


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