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By choosing to advertise with Publipt, you are saving the environment and protecting the planet!


Due to potential effects on human health, economy and environment; global warming has been a source of great concern. Important environmental changes have been observed, and no one doubts that it is already a worrying reality.

Only an URGENT conservation attitude, environmental protection and respect, may prevent an apocalyptic future, very soon ...


When you advertise with Publipt:



1 - No need to use paper or cardboard or derivatives

All advertising is printed and displayed virtually, and so, there is no need to use paper or derivatives (as in the case of newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, flyers, billboards, etc. ...)


2 - No need to use plastics or derivatives

All advertising is printed and displayed virtually, and so, there is no need of using plastic or derivatives (as in the case of some magazines, stickers, vinyl, tarpaulins, billboards, etc ...)


3 - No adhesives are used or synthetic materials (highly polluting)

Applies the same situation ... All advertising is virtually displayed and printed, so there is no need to use any adhesive or other synthetic materials!


4 - No inks are used, or derivatives

Inks are not necessary in internet advertising! Neither pens, ballpoint pens, ink cartridges, toners, etc... Imagine how much it saves the environment!


5 - No transports are required, so there is no kind of pollution. Your advertising is completed with 0% CO2

This is one of the most important points, because all big companies are making efforts to prevent and reduce as far as possible the use of transports! In the case of Publipt, your advertisement is published without being "carried" by vehicles. Internet is fast and does not pollute!


6 - No sound pollution

There is no noise (as in the case of speakers, radios, etc.), because there is no transport and also because internet advertising is quiet and relaxing.


Help save the planet!


If you need to advertise, advertise with Publipt!

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