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Send an advertising message via email to our members. Advertise your website, company, service, product or event, by email, without worrying about SPAM!
Track your campaign statistics in real time!

If you want, you can also define your "target audience"; country, area of residence, interests, etc., or announce to all of our subscribers! This is one of the preferred forms of advertisement and is the ideal for you if you want to target campaigns by country, region or subject/interest
Este é o conceito «SOLO ADS», tão conhecido e preferido pelos grandes mestres do internet marketing, e não só.

Key Benefits: You can select countries/regions, you can select specific audiences, ensuring reading (in Publipt when you purchase 1,000 emails, you are buying 1000 REAL readings and 1000 REAL visits to your site or product, and not just simple sendings!).


from € 0.01 per email

Configuration of your advertisement / campaign:

Please choose the quantity:


Email for VIP members:

Option to send an email to all our VIP members (316 members):



With discount


All prices include VAT at the legal rate
Given the nature of the product that is sold (advertising), all amounts must be paid in advance, and no amount will be refunded once the campaign is activated

Payment methods available:





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