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Your ad (can be text or image/banner), inserted in the "Pay Per Clicks" area, reserved for our members. Your ad will appear with limitless views and only expires when it receives a certain number of clicks (visits). In other words, are GUARANTEED visitors to your website! This is an excellent form of advertisement if you want to direct campaigns by country.


Price per click: from 0.006

Configuration of your advertisement / campaign:

Please choose the quantity:



With discount

Packs (Month) NEW!

If you want to promote intensively and permanently, the monthly package is the ideal option! The savings are huge compared to the purchase per click (can reach more than 90%). The ad is active for the entire month, with unlimited views and clicks, and can be changed at any time, directly in your customer area, and as many times as you want. You can also determine how long the ad should be shown to each person.


All prices include VAT at the legal rate
Given the nature of the product that is sold (advertising), all amounts must be paid in advance, and no amount will be refunded once the campaign is activated

Payment methods available:





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